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Thursday, 20 October 2011

'Day of the Diesels' to make debut in US theatres

The Day of the Diesels special will finally make it's debut in theatres across the United States of America

The movie which marks Percy's lead role in a special is to appear in 28 cinema screenings courtesy of Kidtoon Films.
It shall hit cities such as Bronx, Providence, Worcester, Hicksville, Brooklyn and many others across two days in November.

Kidtoon who distributed The Great Discovery and Hero of the Rails have taken over from Marcus Theatres who lost their sponsorship from Hit Entertainment to air the brand's movies as revealed exclusively on the blog.
The feature-length special has since appeared on US DVD/Blu Ray back in early September on the 6th this year while two months would have passed when arriven in cinemas.

Day of the Diesels rolls into theatres across the US on November 12th and 13th at 12pm.


  1. lol, what's the point in that? It's been seen on TV and it's on DVD and Blu-ray. Why would people pay to see a film in theaters AFTER its release? HIT REALLY haven't thought this through...

  2. A little too late HIT. Really missed the ball this time. The idea of a movie being released theatrically two months after being able to buy it on DVD & Blu-ray (where you can watch it over many times if you want to), is just plain stupid.

    The hype has died down HIT. Some fans were not impressed with it.

  3. I went to see 'The Great Discovery' back in 2008 and I bought the DVD two days before! Their are some fans who can't be able to afford the DVD or Bluray you know.

  4. @TMRReturns: If you're buying them at the suggested retail price, then yes. But the price of a single movie ticket (which veries from theatre-to-theatre) will only buy you one viewing. Whereas if you buy at least the DVD copy, you can watch whenever you want (without having to resort to Youtube or Dailymotion).

    And yes I am aware that we all live in hard times right now with the economy in a bad state. Many people find it hard to get a job right now. Thus can't afford to purchise the newest Thomas & Friends videos.

  5. *"Who can't be able to afford the DVD"- Good English mate...
    Anyway I am sure there's going to be some dumb parents who will see the poster and take their kids to see it not knowing that it is already out on DVD.

  6. I agree that this is coming at a wrong time, but some people won't be able to get the DVD! The other things this event has going for it is that the ticket prices are cut in half for every attendent, and that it's a good excuse for a day at the silver screen! :P