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Monday, 10 October 2011

Toggo Lino presents minisite for 'Dampfloks gegen Dieselloks'

The Toggo Lino Club in Germany have recently opened a minisite for their translated version of the Day of the Diesels special, Dampfloks gegen Dieselloks.

The site features an array of activities to choose from which are narrated by the country's storyteller, Sky Du Mont.
First is the Mitmachen & Preise test where by answering Ya or Nein on the engine, the end result will tell you if you belong in the Steamworks or Dieselworks.

The test itself includes various promotional shots from the animated era along with a few thrown in from the 25 year old model TV Series.
Geschichte is an image gallery telling the key moments of the 2011 special, where very most of the shots are from Lionsgate Publicity's archive.

By clicking Kinotour, you can view a montage of several scenes from the hour-long story via the Dampfloks gegen Dieselloks tab while Termine shows the timetable for it's past movie screenings.

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