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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Steamies and Diesels Vs. Japan and DVD

As Japan prepares for the Day of the Diesels, a brand new DVD will star various episodes displaying the rivalry between the Steam Engines and the Diesel Engines.

A nicely sized pack of eight episodes join the release, じょうきはディーゼルにまけないぞ!! which hauls along some of the known oilers with Daisy, Mavis, Diesel and one timer The Diesel.

Episodes include;
ップは、ディーゼル行く (Pop Goes the Diesel)
(Dirty Work)

(Diesel Does It Again)
(Bulls Eyes)
(Bowled Out)
エンジン (The World's Strongest Engine)

Publicising the vastly approaching 2011 Diesels special is the extras which includes an Introduction alongside a preview clip and the very Steam Engines and Diesel Engines Differences video.

じょうきはディーゼルにまけないぞ!! hits Japanese DVD shelves on October 26th 2011.

1 comment:

  1. Well some good Diesel episodes, before the whole Steam vs. Diesel thing went stale. Especially with that one comment in Misty Island Rescue.