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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Nitrogen publishes more TV models storage photos

Nitrogen Studios' website have released various photos of their studios and facilities in Vancouver, Canada.

At least two of their images reveal more of the original TV Series' models being placed in storage.

The first makes out the sightings of the Rocky, Stanley, Spencer, Emily, Percy, Gordon and Henry models in a special display alongside some Rolling Stock.
A second picture shows another display with several of the buildings and railway facilities such as the Water Tower.

An alternate version of the second released a couple of years back revealed that the Thomas, Toby, Edward, Annie, Clarabel, Henrietta and The Fat Controller's Car models are on the above display.

More of the TV Series models are still currently on display at Drayton Manor's Thomas Land in the UK via their Discover Thomas & Friends Exhibition where Stepney, Harvey, Bulstrode and others are available.


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