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Sunday, 2 October 2011

James delivers Daily Mail's "Winter holidays" hate mail

The Daily Mail have picked up on the subject of the term Winter holidays replacing Christmas in certain TV episodes.

Now grabbing the attention of Britain's more broader newspaper audience, the article has published an interview with former MP Anne Widdecombe who has given her views on the story with great disgust.
The shops will be stocking Christmas gifts, the television will be advertising presents and people will be talking about it, so the idea that children won’t hear about it is ludicrous

Hit Entertainment have since responded to the complaints, who have also pointed out the referred and centered DVD's original release date. 


  1. Yes such a shame that the PC brigade wanting to write 'Christmas' out from many shows like Thomas. Even though the PC brigade want it to be called 'Winter Holidays', the episodes are still symbolising Christmas, I mean you got a tree, decorations, tinsel, presents and even Santa Claus! Even the word 'Holiday' is called 'Holy Day' so there is nothing the PC brigade can't do.

  2. It's all well and good them saying "we'll release a Christmas-themed DVD this year", but when the dialogue of the episode call it the "winter holidays" HIT's claims are pretty much made redundant.

    And it's sad that it's always Christians that get the short end of the stick from the "nanny state" as they think other religions will moan about it. What about Christians? Don't THEY matter? They must be offended that Christmas is pretty much being taken away from everyone because of these people.

    I am in no way a religious person, but I celebrate Christmas and if there is a tree with decorations it should be called a Christmas tree.